Announcement Publishing

On Ethereum, all Announcements are published via Batch Publication Files. Publishing is accomplished via an Ethereum Log Event.

Ethereum Log Event

The event topic for DSNPBatchPublication follows the standard Solidity event name to hash standard.

0xe63a4904ccacc079f71e52aad2cf99c00a7d4963566562a94d7c07610f1df576 = keccak-256("DSNPBatchPublication(int16,bytes32,string)")

Log Event Data

announcementTypeThe single announcement type in the given fileint16YES
fileHashkeccak-256 hash of the batch filebytes32no
fileUrlURL to retrieve the referenced batch file via an approved schemastringno

Batch File Retrieval

  • Batch File URLs MUST NOT refer to localhost or any reserved IP addresses as defined in RFC6890.
  • Batch File URLs MUST use one of the supported URL Schemes.

Supported URL Schemes

SchemeDescriptionReferenceDSNP Version Added
HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol SecureRFC28181.0


The DSNPBatchPublication Ethereum events are ordered by information provided in the transaction.

  1. DSNPBatchPublication Block number ascending
  2. DSNPBatchPublication Transaction index ascending
  3. DSNPBatchPublication Log index ascending
  4. DSNP Standard: Order Announcements in a Batch Publication File by row appearance order

Publisher Contract Requirements

Contracts that allow for generating DSNPBatchPublication are called publishers. A standard interface is available for use.


IPublish Interface

interface IPublish {
    struct Publication {
        int16 announcementType;
        string fileUrl;
        bytes32 fileHash;

     * @dev Log Event for each batch published
     * @param announcementType The type of Announcement in the batch file
     * @param fileHash The keccak hash of the batch file
     * @param fileUrl A url that resolves to the batch file
    event DSNPBatchPublication(int16 indexed announcementType, bytes32 fileHash, string fileUrl);

     * @param publications Array of Batch struct to publish
    function publish(Publication[] calldata publications) external;