Activity Content Specification

Version 1.2.0

Content references shared via the DSNP consist of URLs pointing to documents containing Activity Streams JSON objects. For the purposes of the DSNP, restrictions are placed on the Activity Streams 2.0 specification.

JSON-LD and Activity Streams

All DSNP Activity Content is compatible with the Activity Streams 2.0 specification. While there are some DSNP extensions, they are guaranteed to use non-colliding terms. Therefore, the JSON-LD @context field is set to according to Activity Streams 2.0 §2.1.

Core Activity Content Types

DSNP uses only the following content types at the root level:

NameDescriptionDSNP Announcements
Notestandard user contentBroadcast, Reply
Profileuser profile contentProfile

Associated Types

Locationadd a location to contentActivity Vocabulary
Tagadd a tag to contentActivity Vocabulary
Attachmentssupported attachment typesActivity Vocabulary
Hashcontent validation hashDSNP Extension

Supported URL Schema

URLs in DSNP-compatible Activity Content MUST use one of the following URL schemes:

SchemeDescriptionReferenceDSNP Version Added
HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol SecureRFC28181.0
HTTPHypertext Transfer ProtocolRFC26161.0



VersionDescriptionRelease DateChangelog
1.0.0Initial Release2021-09-09Changelog


Additional Fields

Implementers may choose to support more of the Activity Streams standard as long as it does not conflict with this specification, but should note that other implementations may not recognize those additions. Implementers who extend their support for Activity Streams objects beyond the subset defined here do so at their own risk.