Frequency User Data

On Frequency, User Data and select Announcements are mapped to Schemas which use Stateful Storage for storage and retrieval of the data.

User Data Sets

User Data SetDeployed Schema IdsFrequency Model TypeFrequency Payload LocationSettings
Public FollowsMainnet: 8
Testnet (Paseo): 8
Testnet (Rococo): 13
Private FollowsMainnet: 9
Testnet (Paseo): 9
Testnet (Rococo): 14
Private ConnectionsMainnet: 10
Testnet (Paseo): 10
Testnet (Rococo): 15

Pseudonymous Relationship Identifiers (PRIds) are stored along side Private Connections in the same Stateful Storage page.

Source code for each schema is located in the LibertyDSNP/schemas repository.


AnnouncementDeployed Schema IdsFrequency Model TypeFrequency Payload LocationSettings
Public KeyMainnet: 7
Testnet (Paseo): 7
Testnet (Rococo): 7
AvroBinaryItemizedAppend Only, Signature Required

Read Operation Mapping

Stateful data is retrieved via state queries (pallet.stateQuery) or RPC calls (pallet.rpcCall()).

Model TypeDSNP PropertiesQuery/Call
ItemizedEntity Tagstateful_storage.getItemizedStorage()
PaginatedEntity Tag, Chunkedstateful_storage.getPaginatedStorage()

Write Operation Mapping

Write operations are via Transactions (also called Extrinsics): pallet::extrinsic()

Entity Tags

Frequency requires the hash of current state for any Stateful Storage change.