State Change Records

State Change Records constitute the observable output of a DSNP system. Frequency uses a combination of on chain data to store and Events to notify for Records.

Frequency Transaction Identifier

Frequency uses the hash of the Operation transaction to then request a node report the transaction status and any Events related to that hash. (Client libraries usually have this built in.)

Frequency Records

Frequency produces three types of data that map or point to DSNP Records.


Events are generated on each block and may contain a pointer to the Record data instead of the entire Record.

Events are referenced by pallet::EventName.


Frequency Messages store Announcements or Batch Publication Records. It uses the Messages Pallet.

Messages are retrieved via state queries (pallet.stateQuery) or RPC calls (pallet.rpcCall()).


Frequency State stores data associated with an Identity. It can also be used to look up the state of prior Records related to an Identity.

State data is retrieved via state queries (pallet.stateQuery) or RPC calls (pallet.rpcCall()).

Record Mappings