Broadcast Announcement

A Broadcast Announcement is a way to send a public message to everyone.


FieldDescriptionData TypeSerializationParquet TypeBloom Filter
announcementTypeAnnouncement Type Enum (2)enumdecimalINT32no
contentHashmultihash-encoded hash of content stored at URLvariable length byte arrayhexadecimalBYTE_ARRAYYES
fromIdid of the user creating the Announcement64-bit unsigned integerdecimalUINT_64YES
urlcontent URLUTF-8UTF-8UTF8no

Field Requirements


  • MUST be fixed to 2



  • MUST be a DSNP User Id
  • MUST have authorized the creation of the Announcement, either directly or via a transparent chain of delegation


  • MUST NOT refer to localhost or any reserved IP addresses as defined in RFC6890
  • Resource MUST be one of the supported Activity Content Types
  • MUST use one of the supported URL Schemes

Supported URL Schemes

SchemeDescriptionReferenceDSNP Version Added
HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol SecureRFC28181.0